App development for Albert set to transform service models

Earthling Investments is producing a bespoke app for Albert to transform their fuel discount program – EasyFuel.

With a dominant presence in the fuel industry in South Australia, Greg Patten and Dwayne Bonner from Earthling Investments have always been future focused when it comes to the strategy and operation of their brands.

They have recently invested in the production of an app for Albert which looks set to transform two key aspects of their operation – both in-store customer experience for their fuel discount program EasyFuel, and compliance processes for their wholesale fuel distributor Mogas Regional. 

Streamlining the in-store experience

When Earthling Investments redesigned its fuel discount program, EasyFuel, in 2011, they sought out a seamless way to integrate the discount program with the existing consumer purchasing experience.

When we acquired EasyFuel, we had a vision of providing our customers with a range of services that they would be able to use quickly and seamlessly. We were delighted when CommBank came to us and described their vision of using an EFTPOS terminal for other applications” says Greg Patten, Chairman.

Working alongside our network of developers, IT Director Dwayne and his team developed an EasyFuel app for Albert that combines the discount scheme with the payments function of the device.

Customers with an EasyFuel card will soon be able to get a discount on their fuel and make their payment in a single transaction wherever Albert is present at Easyfuel participating retailers.

For the retailers, the app will also reduce the number of devices required on the counter, freeing up space for product and customer interaction.

Albert in-store gives us the ability to have one device that can have a full integrated suite of products on there, which gives us that smooth one transaction experience. It’s much more than just an EFTPOS device” says Dwayne Bonner

Not only will the EasyFuel app streamline the in-store experience, but it will help Greg and Dwayne reduce barriers to entry into the EasyFuel discount program for retailers.

When the EasyFuel app is available on Pi AppBank, retailers will be able to download the app directly and start accepting EasyFuel discount cards on existing Albert devices without the need for additional hardware installation. Dwayne estimates that it will reduce the joining time for retailers from weeks to ‘minutes’.

Revolutionising supply chain management

While at a basic level Albert is a next-generation EFTPOS tablet, Dwayne and his team saw from the outset that its potential went far beyond streamlining customer experience.

Now Earthling Investments are also working towards using Albert to streamline their procedures in the wholesale distribution operations of Mogas Regional. With a bespoke Mogas app on Albert, they will have the ability to integrate a full range of compliance, audit and safety controls. They’ll also be able to add additional dimensions to sales data to validate driver inputs and ensure their safety.

Albert closes the gap between where we are today and where we want to be in the future. This technology has leapfrogged over what we had as an original vision for our business and I don’t think we’ve even hit the tip of the iceberg. As a business leader it’s really is exciting how far ahead of the pack Albert is” says Greg

We’re thrilled to be partnering with our innovative business clients like Greg and Dwayne, who have already uncovered functions for Albert that we hadn’t even thought of!

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