Assessment centre top tips

Embrace subtle changes and amplify your true personality to stand out in assessment centre job applications. Our nine tips could give you the edge you need:

  1. Be Yourself. Assessment centres give you lots of opportunity to demonstrate who you are, much more so than an interview.
  2. Embrace it. This could be the final step towards securing your dream role. Everybody is in the same boat and those who can relax and enjoy the occasion tend to demonstrate the traits that got them there in the first place.
  3. Be a team player. Work with your fellow interviewees; they are not your competitors, they are your colleagues.
  4. Listen to all members of the group and show your respect for their opinions. Avoid side conversations which could be interpreted as ignorance and rudeness.
  5. Nobody is perfect! Show reasoning behind your good ideas but be willing to listen to others’ opinions. There is nothing wrong with admitting a colleague’s idea is more appropriate and then supporting that idea.
  6. Show leadership. Guide your team members as necessary whilst listening to their points of view and encouraging them to contribute to the activity.
  7. Speak clearly so our assessors can hear what you have to say. Keep your tone encouraging and pleasant without being too timid or overpowering.
  8. Nothing is off the record. Act professionally at all times, from your arrival until you leave the building.
  9. Don’t leave with unanswered questions. Ask as many relevant questions as you need to in order to accept a potential offer. Ensure that you can leave with the knowledge that it is the right role for you.