Getting Candid on inclusion

Our first-ever Candid event heard ten inspiring speakers be open and honest about diversity and inclusion.

“Diversity is great for creativity.”

That’s the view of David Brine, Director International Operations Australia and New Zealand, and it happens to be one we wholeheartedly agree with. David shared his view on diversity and inclusion, along with nine other speakers, at our recent Candid event.

Introducing Candid on Inclusion

Developed by our 2014 Graduates, Candid on Inclusion was a new event and the first of many of its kind. Candid was launched as a platform for open and honest conversation about the topics that matter. This year, to kick things off, the theme was diversity and inclusion.

Ten powerful presentations

An audience of 200 employees heard ten speakers share their experiences, struggles and triumphs with diversity and inclusion. Speakers shared their perspectives on gender, disability, LGBTI, age and cultural diversity.

Speakers included a range of our staff, from Group leaders to Graduates. Each brought their unique perspective to the matter of inclusion.

Not only did some of our employees speak, but we were lucky enough to hear from Jake Thomson of the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience and Lou Pollard from The Humour Foundation. Jake spoke of his Wiradjuri heritage and the obstacles he both faced and overcame in school to now be a National Presenter and Program Assistant at AIME. Lou shared her story of being Dr Quack, a Clown Doctor for The Humour Foundation and the importance of authenticity in her role.

You Can be you

Candid on Inclusion provided insight into what diversity looks like in the CommBank workplace. It highlighted that it is more than acknowledging diversity – it is about accepting people for who they are, despite your differences.

Thank you

Thank you to all of the speakers and attendees who got Candid with us. We are hopeful that next year and for the years to come, Candid will continue to provoke thoughts, lead change in the workplace and inspire our staff and beyond.

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