Introducing Cardless Cash – CommBank app’s newest feature

Introducing Cardless Cash – CommBank app’s newest feature

Ever found yourself stranded without cash? From today your cashless troubles are a thing of the past, with the launch of an Australian-first – Cardless Cash.

We’ve all had it before – that moment of panic when you reach into your handbag or pocket, only to find you’ve left your wallet on the kitchen bench, or your card is in a different handbag. Regardless, you’re going to need some cash to get through the day.

Or perhaps you have a teenager with a penchant for losing their things. As you’re drifting off to sleep on a Saturday night you get an urgent call from your 18-year-old; she’s lost her wallet, her friends just left and she has no cash for a cab.

No wallet? No worries.

Introducing Cardless Cash

Saving you from being stranded without cash we have launched an exciting new feature in the CommBank app, allowing customers with an eligible account to withdraw funds from CommBank ATMs without a card. Cardless Cash arms you with the confidence that you’re in full control of your money and that you and your family will never be left cashless again.

Accessed through the CommBank app, the feature lets you make one cardless ATM withdrawal per day with a maximum limit of $200. Users can collect the cash themselves from the majority of our CommBank ATMs across the country, or can allow a family member or loved one to collect it on their behalf by nominating the person in the CommBank app.

Introducing Cardless Cash – CommBank app’s newest feature

Once you’ve set up the withdrawal in the app, you’ll receive two codes, an 8 digit Cash Code and a 4 digit Cash PIN. Then, just head to a CommBank ATM – which you can also find in the CommBank app – insert the codes, and voila, you’ll withdraw cash! If you’ve nominated someone to collect cash on your behalf, simply share the Cash Code with them and CommBank will send them the cash PIN via text message. Then, the nominated person can head to a CommBank ATM to withdraw the cash.

For more information on how to use Cardless Cash and to download the CommBank app go to

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