The iPhone 5 cometh

Well, after months of hype the new iPhone 5  has finally arrived. I like the idea of the bigger screen but I was a little disappointed to learn that it doesn't have built in NFC (Near Field Communication). Plus the new ‘Lightning’ 8-pin connector is clearly going to cause some personal pain as I have USB connections scattered around the house.

What I can tell you is that our mobile apps team at the Commonwealth Bank are already working on a holistic solution for all CommBank Kaching users (both iPhone and Android) who wish to make contactless payments with their smartphone. In the meantime, owners of the iPhone 4 or 4S, can continue to make contactless payments with CommBank Kaching using an iCarte.

I’m also glad to inform you that all customers who purchase the latest iPhone 5 can access CommBank, NetBank and CommBank Kaching apps which are all geared up for iOS6.

Thursday 27/09: An update for those having issues

Here's a tip:

Make sure that before transferring the apps and information from your old handset to your new iPhone 5 you tick the ‘Encrypt iPhone backup’ box on the iTunes summary page and backup to your computer. An encrypted backup means that a password is required to restore information onto your new iPhone and therefore offers additional security and will ensure all your CommBank Apps work on your new handset.

I'm looking forward to getting acclimatised with my new phone!

Have you bought an iPhone 5 yet?

Let me know what you think.

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