Kaching - you tell us what works for you

CommBank Kaching is no longer available, but you can access all of it's great features in our latest app, the CommBank app. Download the CommBank app now or learn more.

Since CommBank Kaching - our revolutionary mobile payments app - launched on December 19 last year, we’ve seen over one hundred and fifty thousand Australian personal and businesses customers across the country download the app. It’s also picked up accolades like the 2012 Asian Banker Award for the ‘best mobile banking initiative’ and the 2012 ‘best of web’ award.

Three months in, we were curious to find out which new Kaching feature our customers like the most. So in a recent Facebook poll we asked:

What is your favourite feature of Kaching?

1)     Contactless payments

2)     Paying your Facebook friends

3)     Checking your balance easily with ‘Simple Balance’

4)     Using your quick access PIN when banking on the go

An overwhelming 50 per cent of people said that checking their balances easily was their favourite feature.

Fast and simple

Kaching is the quickest way to check your balances on the run. Once you input your four digit PIN you can see your card and account balances, all within seconds of pulling out your phone. Also the ‘Simple Balance’ feature makes it even faster, allowing you to drag down the top bar on the log on screen to see the balance of your favourite account. For those of you who are not yet using this feature, you can activate it by going into Settings and enabling ‘Simple Balance’.

Now you’ll never get caught short!

Also, if you haven’t downloaded Kaching yet and would like to enjoy a better banking experience on your iPhone, you can download it today from the app store.

What other features would you like on the Kaching app?

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