Looking to move? The essentials guide to property research

Buying your next home can take time. We explore some of our customers’ top tips and experiences.

If you’re starting to research your next home, these top five tips could help make your search easier.

  1. 1
    Look online

    Online property listings are a great place to start your search.

    Property sites allow you to view homes before committing to a visit and often give you the option of viewing a gallery of photos or even doing a virtual tour of the property.

    You can also access contact information to speak to the real estate agent if you want more details about a property.

  2. 2
    Use our Property Guide app

    In partnership with realestate.com.au and CoreLogic RP Data, our Property Guide app can make your search easier.

    It’s available to anyone, and allows you to search property listings and view a property’s location, sales history and detailed suburb profiles.

    You can also get more information about the areas you are interested in. For example, access to clearance rates of capital cities and states and the latest auction and sales results from suburbs around the country.

  3. 3
    Take a look at our Property Value Guide

    Our Property Value Guide gives you all the information you need about an area to help make an informed decision when it comes to buying your next home, including up–to-date prices, demographics and infrastructure.

  4. 4
    Don’t leave home without a list

    In our time-poor lives, the beauty of searching online is that it’s a highly efficient way to sort the real estate wheat from the chaff.

    Make sure you save promising properties to an online or personal shortlist, and only make the effort to get out and view the places that tick the right boxes for you.

    This process allows you to be a bit more objective about your needs and whether a place actually meets your criteria, before you commit to a property viewing.

  5. 5
    Speak to a lender about Property Reports

    You can speak to one of our Home Lending Specialists about more than your loan structure. They have access to the latest market data and can provide you with Property Reports to help you get ahead in your search.

Start searching for your next home today with the help of our resources and tools.

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