Make the most of CommBank app’s latest feature – Lock, Block and Limit.

Make the most of CommBank app’s latest feature – Lock, Block and Limit.

We just launched a new feature on the CommBank app. Read on to learn more about lock and limit, which gives you even more control over your credit card.

We know that security, trust and privacy are of the utmost importance to you. As more and more of us do our banking online and on our mobile, there is an increased need for assurance that our digital banking is safe and secure.

We know how important this is to you, which is why we’re pleased to launch a new, Australian-first addition to our app that empowers our customers to control credit card transactions and security features direct from their smartphone.


Australian customers will now have the ability to control security settings and transactional limits on their credit card, directly from the CommBank app. There are four different lock and limit features, all of which the primary cardholder can customise through the ‘Cards’ tab within the app.

  1. 1
    Lock in-store international payments

    No overseas holidays planned in the near future? For further peace of mind, why not lock in-store international payments. This will block transactions made at a merchant terminal outside of Australia, where the card is physically presented at the terminal at the time of processing the payment. Note: this does not include ATMs.

  2. 2
    Lock online international payments

    Love shopping online but concerned about the risk of international credit card fraud? Now there is a simple way to protect yourself, by locking your card against online international payments. This will block transactions that are processed outside of Australia where the card is not present or the card number is entered manually. This could include online, phone, or mail order transactions and transactions on Australian websites where the merchant processes the transaction overseas.

  3. 3
    Block ATM cash advances

    Never withdraw cash or make transfers from your credit card at an ATM? You can now lock ATM cash advances, which will block all cash withdrawals or transfers using your credit card account at any ATM, both domestically and overseas, giving you added security should your card fall into the wrong hands.

  4. 4
    Limit your spend per transaction

    Having trouble keeping track of your (or your partner’s) credit card spending? Give yourself a head start and set a limit to control how much you spend in one transaction. Once a transaction limit is set, all transactions over this amount will be declined. A transaction limit won’t affect the credit limit or daily withdrawal limit.

The cardholder can also utilise a timer feature, which enables you to remove a lock for a set period of time. So if you decide you really want that pair of shoes from the US, or have booked a shopping trip to Singapore, you can unlock the limits you have set and, at the end of the designated time period, the lock will automatically re-apply without you having to re-set it.

The new self-service features will be accessible via the CommBank app and can be updated to ‘lock’ or ‘allow’ payments in seconds, giving you greater convenience and more control over your credit cards than ever before.

Go to to watch a ‘How To’ video on the new lock and limit features and learn how you can benefit.

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