NetBank goes Chrome!

What is Chrome?

Chrome is a web browser developed by Google in 2008 and is currently the second most widely used browser in the world, having recently overtaken Firefox. Currently, 15 per cent of our NetBank customers log on via Google Chrome, and this is steadily increasing. What sets Chrome apart from traditional browsers is its focus on speed, simplicity, innovation and security, plus a range of other great features.

 In 2011, Google launched the Chrome Web Store, an open marketplace, which allows PC and laptop users to browse and install web applications as extensions of the browser, or simply as links to popular web pages. 

How does this make banking easier for you?

We’ve developed a customised version of NetBank for Google Chrome, which is a first for Australian banks. NetBank users can continue to logon via but they can also download NetBank for Chrome, which is a simplified version of NetBank, ideal for routine day to day banking tasks. Users can enjoy the added benefits of a more intuitive design, a quick launch access icon (so you don’t have to type in the URL or find a bookmark), faster browsing and the ability to sync with other Google services.

How can I try it out or download it?

Try it out today by downloading the NetBank Chrome app from the Chrome Web Store. You can also download the app to your Android tablet or iPad if tablet. To download on your PC or laptop follow these simple steps:
  • If you already have the Google Chrome browser click here to go to the Web Store and ‘ADD to CHROME’ (install).
  • If you don’t have the Google Chrome browser, no problem, it only takes five minutes to download. Then, visit the Chrome Web Store, search for ‘NetBank’ and ‘ADD to CHROME’ (install).


1. "This is a fantastic app and is definitely the preferable way for me to view NetBank."

2. "Amazing app. Easy to use as well as very interesting!"

3. "This app is great! Easy and time saving. Thanks!"

4. " Brilliant. Even an oldy like me can use it with ease. Thank you."

Important information: This is a special version of NetBank with selected functionality. To access all of our online banking features please visit You must be registered for NetBank and have NetCode SMS activated to use NetBank for Chrome. Provided you keep to the Terms & Conditions, you have the reassurance of our 100 per cent  security guarantee.