NetBank Year In Review – Top 5 New Features

As the year draws to a close I’m really proud of how our team has continued to transform customer feedback into NetBank improvements this year. Here are my favourite new features for 2013.

My Spend For a number of years customers have asked for tools inside NetBank to help better manage their finances. With My Spend, customers can categorise their transactions automatically and see how they’ve spent over a across multiple accounts (e.g. transaction account and credit card) or compare spending between the current and previous financial year. Register now.

Tax View Many of our customers have tax deductable transactions – for example, donations to charities – that are long forgotten by tax time.

You can now tag any transaction as tax related with one click, then view them all in one place in NetBank. Tax View also totals your tax-related transactions so you can better estimate your deductions.

Overseas Travel Notification Going overseas? We made letting us know easier by creating a tool in NetBank. Customers have been asking for this for a while - with over 18,000 notifications submitted so far it’s proving to be a very popular new feature!

Visit the Manage my accounts page under the More tab to let us know before you next go overseas.

New CommBank App Our new CommBank app has just launched on Android and Windows Phone with all the features that customers love about CommBank Kaching. I’ve been using the new app on my Windows Phone the past few weeks and it has been a very smooth and enjoyable experience. I particularly like the social payment options as people are more likely to remember their mobile number or email address than their bank account details.

Go Button As I blogged about earlier this year there was strong feedback from both customers and staff to remove the ‘Go’ button when selecting accounts from a dropdown menu in NetBank. The direct quote below from a customer just about sums it up:

‘I wonder why it is necessary when selecting an account to view, to first select the account, then needing to press another button to make it load. Why not have it load when you select the account? It tricks me at times, as I think my selected account will load, only to find it has not.’

It might sound small, but we’ve had great feedback so far. Given the number of times I view my different accounts, it’s a time saving that does add up.

With 2014 just around the corner I’m looking forward to another year of innovation including the new CommBank app for iOS and addition of social payments in NetBank.

You must be registered for NetBank with NetCode SMS to make payments and purchases using a mobile phone. Recipients of payments via mobile, Facebook and email need an Australian bank account to claim.  Android is a trademark of Google Inc.