Pi is the future of business

We've been busy working on developing Pi further for businesses and app developers since we announced the platform in July.

The good news is that we have received an overwhelming level of interest from both business owners and developers for the Pi solution, and are excited about working to help transform the future landscape of the point of sale (POS) environment.

One of our next major tasks on the Pi journey is to work with businesses to ensure the endless opportunities they see for Leo and Albert are gathered and communicated to our enthusiastic developer community so that every type of business can benefit.

Other next steps are to closely update and work with our registered developers to help them progress their solutions based on the more specific technical guidance we know they are looking for.

Did you know… that Pi is the only platform that:

  • Was designed from the ground up by a leading design firm based not on existing terminals but on our customers’ requirements.
  • Is based on a secure tablet design – which means no old fashioned pin pads and a rich interface.
  • Uses standards-based open architecture – so every Android developer can create for the platform!
  • Has a secure touch-screen pin-pad.
  • Is designed as a portable solution to make queue busting a reality.
  • Doesn't require you to also buy iPhones, iPads and other tablets to offer the rich experience your customers want.
Check out our latest video on the possibilities of Pi!