Turbocharge your financial fitness in a few simple steps

Turbocharge your financial fitness in a few simple steps

If you want to whip your finances into shape devoting just a small amount of attention to one long-term investment can reap big benefits.

There is one simple thing you can do that has the potential to make a big difference (that you probably haven’t given much thought to): Sorting out your super.

Why your super matters right now 

If you’re a long way off retiring, it’s easy to think that super isn’t something you need to worry about. There are two main reasons why that’s not the case. 

1. You earn it 

Although it may not feel like your money, all those dollars flowing into your super account are a result of your hard work. It’s not donated by your employer or the Government. Ever since you got your first job, almost one dollar for every ten you’ve earned has been put in your super account. If you discovered that nearly a tenth of your income was being diverted into a fixed-term savings account, wouldn’t you want to know what the interest rate and fees were?

2. The compounding effect

Given the way super accounts function, $100 deposited in your super account when you’re 24 can generate exponentially more by the time you’re 64. So you should make sure the money that’s going in there right now isn’t eaten up in fees or lost altogether.

Common super traps for young players

There are two issues that commonly come up when people move from job to job whilst accumulating multiple super accounts along the way. Firstly, you can lose track of the super contributions you’ve made, as shown by the fact there are currently six million ‘lost’ super accounts in Australia with just under a total of $16.8 billion spread between them*. Secondly, having multiple accounts means paying multiple sets of fees. Given that super funds can provide options that diversify money into a range of different investments, there’s no upside to paying five or ten sets of fees when you could be paying one.     

Let us sort out your super for you

Faced with a desk drawer full of statements from different super funds, many people baulk at the time and effort they think will be involved in consolidating their super. Some don’t even know where there super is to even start the process. But what if your super fund tracked down all your accounts and let you know where they were? 

If you’ve provided your Tax File Number (TFN) on your Essential Super account, we’ll search for your other super and make it really simple to bring it all together.

If you haven’t added your TFN to your Essential Super account already, you can do it anytime in NetBank. With this one small step to sort out your super, you can really kick start your finances.

Don’t have an Essential Super account? Open one in NetBank today.   


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