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The Federal Budget 2010: all the facts, none of the fluff.

About our experts

The Commonwealth Bank’s team of economic analysts has extensive knowledge and experience in domestic and international economics, foreign exchange, credit, debt and equities.

Business leaders around Australia rely on their in-depth analysis, commentary and reports on economic trends and developments.

Michael Blythe - Chief Economist - BEc (Hons)

Michael Blythe, Chief Economist, BEc (Hons)

Michael is the Chief Economist for the Commonwealth Bank. In this role he is responsible for monitoring, analysing, and forecasting trends in the Australian economy, financial markets and domestic monetary policy. Michael joined the Commonwealth Bank in late 1995. Prior to this he spent 13 years in various roles within the Economic Group of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Michael Workman - Senior Economist - BEc (Hons) LLB SIA (Dipl)

Michael Workman, Senior Economist, BEc (Hons) LLB SIA (Dipl)

Michael joined CBA in 1992 as an Economist. His main responsibilities are developing the CBA’s economic and financial forecasts and communicating them to its clients. Prior to joining CBA, Michael held positions at the NSW Treasury and private sector financial groups.

John Peters - Senior Economist - BEc

John Peters, Senior Economist, BEc

John joined the CBA in 2003 as a senior economist responsible for analysing and communicating trends in the Australian and international economies as well trends and developments in global financial markets. Prior to joining CBA, John spent 8 years as Senior International Economist in Westpac Financial Markets, 5 years as Chief Economist at CIBC Australia, 4 years as Chief Financial Markets Economist with Midland International Australia Ltd, 4 years as a financial journalist on the Australian Financial Review, and 7 years as a policy analyst in the public sector in the Commonwealth Treasury and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Corporate research programs

Our comprehensive analysis spans foreign exchange, commodities, key equity asset classes, structured finance, debt, credit and economic policy development.

Important information about advice
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