Need to create an invoice? 

CommBank Invoicing is the quick and easy way to create and track invoices.

CommBank Invoicing is a free tool in NetBank that allows business customers to create professional invoices. There’s a dashboard to track incoming and outstanding amounts, so you can forecast your cash flow, and you'll even be notified when payments are received or are overdue.  

Easy invoice template

Just add your job details and payment info

Payment notifications

Be notified when invoices are paid or overdue

Automatic reconciliation

Payments are matched to their invoices

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How does it work?

  • To access the tool in NetBank, you’ll need to have a CommBank Business Transaction Account. You can create an invoice by simply logging on to NetBank, selecting your Business Transaction Account, and clicking the Invoicing tab. 

    From there, follow the steps to create your invoice, then download it to your device for sending.

Get started with CommBank Invoicing

  • Already a CommBank business customer?

    To create an invoice in NetBank, you’ll need:

    • A CommBank Business Transaction Account. You must also be an Authorised Operator on the account, with method of operation set as 'one to sign'
    • To be a sole trader or a director of a private company (Pty Ltd) – only you will be authorised to use CommBank Invoicing
    • NetBank client number (register for NetBank if you don’t have one)
    • Registered to receive a NetCode (a security measure used to confirm certain tasks in NetBank)

    Log on to NetBank

    Register for NetBank

  • New to CommBank?

    Explore our Business Transaction Account options.

CommBank Invoicing works with

  • NetBank

    Manage your business and personal finances all in one place, 24/7. Suits smaller businesses whose finances are managed by the business owners.

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  • Business Transaction Account

    Our Business Transaction Account is your everyday business bank account, now with a $0 Monthly Account Fee option.

    Open online in minutes.1

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  • Why is my Business Transaction account not eligible? 

    For your Business Transaction Account to be eligible, you need to be:

    • An Authorised Operator on the CommBank Business Transaction Account, with method of operation set as one to sign
    • A sole trader or a director of a private company (Pty Ltd) - only you will be authorised to use CommBank Invoicing
  • Why did my business partner not receive a notification about an overdue/paid invoice?

    Notifications relating to overdue/paid invoices are only sent to the individual that generated and issued the invoice.

  • Why is the automatic reconciliation feature not working for my invoices?

    The automatic reconciliation of invoice payments will only work if the client has included the Invoice Reference Number in their payment details when transferring the funds as payment. The Invoice Reference number can be found on the bottom right of the invoice.

    It will also not work if the client did not pay the full amount on the invoice.

  • Will updating my details in the Invoicing process also update them on my NetBank profile?

    No. Any details updated within Invoicing will only impact the information that is displayed on the invoice.

  • How do I turn off invoicing notifications?

    These notifications are enabled to help you and your business in reminding you of any payments that have been received. For each invoice that you create, you can select whether you would  like to receive a notification and/or an email.

    For other preferences, you can enable or disable notifications/alerts on your Mobile device at any time by changing the settings on your Mobile device. If you have an iPhone, you can enable or disable CommBank app notifications via the Notification Centre in your phone Settings. If you have an Android phone, you can turn CommBank app notifications on or off via Settings within the CommBank app.

Ready to streamline your invoicing?

  • CommBank invoicing is progressively rolling out over the coming weeks.

    To use CommBank Invoicing you need to be:

    • 18 or over with a CommBank Business Transaction Account and a NetBank client number
    • An Authorised Operator on the CommBank Business Transaction Account, with method of operation set as one to sign
    • Registered for NetCode
    • A sole trader or a director of a private company (Pty Ltd) - only you will be authorised to use CommBank Invoicing

    This information has been prepared without taking into account your individual or business needs and objectives. You can view the Terms and Conditions for Business Transaction and Savings Accounts, our Financial Services Guide and the Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions and should consider them before making any decision about these products and services. Bank fees and charges may apply. 

    1 You can only open an account online if you're a new or existing customer who is either a sole trader or director of a private company (Pty Ltd). You'll need to set up your business with us so we can confirm your business details with ASIC. Once your beneficial owners and nominated directors have had their ID checked (we'll email them instructions to do this online), you'll be able to open and start using your account. You'll be providing information to us on behalf of directors and owners in accordance with our Privacy Policy - make sure you've got their permission to do so before you start.

    We don’t charge for the alerts service but you may incur message and data charges from your telecommunications service provider. Alerts are sent in real-time 24/7. Delivery of alerts may be delayed for various reasons, including service outages affecting your phone, wireless or internet provider; technology failures; and system capacity limitations. Please check your available funds before entering into any transactions. Alerts may be suspended by us at any time without notice.

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    The CommBank Invoicing is generated using information provided to Commonwealth Bank (CommBank) by you. CommBank does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information in this invoice. CommBank may collect and handle recipient’s personal information in accordance with our Privacy policy, which can be viewed at or obtained from a branch.