Scheduled billing

Direct Debit allows customers to authorise businesses to debit their nominated bank account with any Financial Institution within Australia.

Arrangements can be made via paper form, over the phone or online.

Direct Debit is suited to billers that receive payments from their customers on a regular or on-going basis.

Plus, you control the payments, so you know exactly when you’ll be paid.

Business Benefits

Direct debit

Set up regular automated payments of the same amount or vary the amount each billing period, depending on your needs.

Comprehensive electronic reporting means you’ll have a much easier time reconciling payments from customers.

Standardised templates for Direct Debit documentation helps keep confusion and mess to a minimum.

A regular direct debit schedule allows you to predict future cash flows with more certainty.

You are in charge of the payments, so you can ensure you’re paid on time, every time.

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Important information

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