Go to Payables > Transaction Group Status List to find the status of the transaction.

If the transaction is awaiting authorisation (Status = Confirmed or Partially Authorised)

An Authoriser can reject the transaction:

  • Go to Payables > Authorisations Required
  • Check the box next to the transactions you want to cancel
  • Click RejectConfirm

If the Authorised transaction is awaiting processing (Status = Authorised Scheduled)

The user who has authorised the transaction will need to remove their authorisation:

  • Go to Payables > Transaction Group Status List
  • Select Processing Date 
  • To search by amount, transaction type or description click Show Advanced Search > Search
  • Select the Transaction ID > Remove Authorisation > Confirm

Once authorisation has been removed, an authoriser can reject the payment:

  • Go to Payables Authorisations Required
  • Check the box next to the transactions you want to cancel
  • Click Reject > Confirm

If the transaction has been Processed (Status = Approved, Authorised Released, Processed, Sent For Approval or Sent For Processing)

We may be able to help you cancel or recall the payment (see the Keeping track of payments guide).