Prepare for CommBiz

CommBiz can be configured to be as simple or sophisticated as you need, depending on your business requirements. Before applying for CommBiz, you should consider the way you operate your business, how your staff will learn to use CommBiz, your computer systems and your security requirements.

Your business

CommBiz has been designed to adapt and grow as your business changes. To make the most of CommBiz, decide what functions you and your staff would like to perform. We have prepared a planning worksheet to help you gather the information required to complete the online application.

You also need to decide which registration mode, Express or Custom, suits your business requirements.

CommBiz offers a tool to manage who can view and operate your business accounts. This is done during the online application process, where you establish the electronic account authority for your accounts.

You can set different authorisation rules for different accounts to control payment approval. These rules enable you to determine whether single or multiple authorisers are required to approve payments and establish limits on the amounts that can be authorised by individuals.

Here are some things to consider when deciding how to configure your service:

  • The administration function allows you to make changes to your service at your convenience. You need to nominate the person in your organisation who will be the administrator. Consider whether you require one or two administrators. You may want changes to your service to be approved by two people, or have a backup person in the case of a staff absence
  • Decide which accounts you want to use with CommBiz
  • Nominate the people who can authorise payments from these accounts. These people are your authorisers
  • Decide how many authorisers you require for each of your accounts. You can set whether one person or more than one person can authorise payments from each account
  • Decide if the same people can authorise all the accounts, or whether other people need to be registered to authorise certain accounts
  • Decide if there are transaction limits or a cap on the total value of transactions you would allow a particular person to authorise

You can authorise people to create or view payments, but not authorise payments. These people are known as users and can be set up by your administrator. When you activate your service, your administrator can set up individual user profiles and add users who do not have authorisation permissions. We have developed an Administrator Guide to help your administrator use CommBiz.

Case studies and example worksheets on how different types of businesses can configure CommBiz can be found here.

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Your staff

We have provided online movies to help your staff become familiar with CommBiz quickly. You don’t need to send them to a training course, and since the movies are online they can be viewed at a time convenient to you and your staff.

With CommBiz you don’t need to keep an instruction manual up to date. Online help is available on the CommBiz page in question. As we release new functions, an online help page will be available at the same time to guide users.

‘Show Me’ demonstrations have been provided for certain online pages. These provide a more detailed visual display on how certain banking activities can be completed.

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Your systems

CommBiz is a browser-based solution, which means you don’t need to load software on dedicated computers. As new features are added, they are made available without the need for you to load or update software. This saves you time and avoids the inconvenience of maintaining dedicated computers or loading software onto individual PCs.

Communication with us is completed online. This gives you the flexibility to do your banking at any computer, whether it is in your office, at home or on the road. You can do away with dedicated dial-up lines to load files and take advantage of broadband access for an improved banking experience. View the table of compatible browsers and computers.

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Your security

CommBiz employs a range of security mechanisms to ensure the security of online banking.

Each registered user is provided with an individual login ID and password. Authorisers and administrators are provided with security tokens to generate one-time passwords. We offer two types of token, depending on your security requirements. Read more information on tokens.

The connection between your computers or network and the Bank is protected with the industry-standard 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Each time you login to CommBiz, a timeout is set. If there is no activity (i.e. no data or transactions are submitted) in a preset time limit, you are automatically logged out. This minimises the chances of unauthorised people gaining access to your service should you leave your computer unattended. CommBiz also allows you to set hours of operation for your staff as an extra security measure to help manage remote access to the service.

We recommend that you keep your anti-virus software up to date and regularly review your networks to keep them current with vendor security updates. CommBiz has messaging built into the service so you know messages are authentic.

You can also browse our business security guide for tips on securing your computers and networks, and helping your staff protect themselves and your business.

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 Email us or call the CommBiz help desk on 13 2339

  • Important information. As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should, before acting on this advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Terms and conditions for CommBiz are available on request. View our Financial Services Guide (PDF 56kb). If you have a complaint, the Bank’s dispute resolution process can be accessed on 13 2221.