Pi developers FAQ

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How can I develop for the Pi platform?

Simply sign up to our developer portal where you will find everything you need to start developing apps.

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+What operating system does this work with?

The Pi platform will work with secure Android OS V4.0, which allows it to be an open platform.

+How do I find out the specification requirements for the platform?

Sign up to our developer portal where you will find the specification requirements as well as other useful information to start developing an app.

+Are there any guidelines on app development?

The apps you develop must meet the needs of a specific business - or many - either helping to improve business efficiency, productivity or customer service or experience in some way. Every app will be vetted to ensure it meets the required standards, serves a legitimate purpose, and doesn't diminish the security of payments.

+What other apps is CommBank developing?

Initially, CommBank is developing 'Split the Bill', 'Tipping', 'Community Giver', 'Open Tab'' and 'Business Insights' apps.

+I am interested in developing apps for the Leo device. What do I need to do?

Please contact a member of our product team and they will be happy to discuss app development opportunities for Leo. Email them at: EFTPOSproductmanagement@cba.com.au