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About Cambiste: Next Generation

This September, the Commonwealth Bank will be hosting its annual Cambiste programme

Cambiste is a two day live-in programme designed for young treasury professionals to master the fundamentals of foreign exchange and interest rates and the key principals of effective risk management.

We are looking for the best and brightest upcoming treasury professionals in corporate Australia. Treasury dealers and Financial accountants with an appetite for greater knowledge of analytical risk management, both new to markets and experienced.

The programme combines presentations from industry professionals; hands on corporate financial modelling and interactive dealing simulations, to guide participants through:

  • The fundamentals of foreign exchange
  • The fundamentals of interest rates
  • Treasury and risk management
  • Common foreign exchange hedging strategies (forwards, options, collars etc.)
  • Common interest rate risk management strategies (swaps, caps, swaption etc).

Participants are challenged to structure, execute and evaluate risk management solutions. Activities include:

  • Pricing foreign exchange products
  • Pricing interest rate products
  • Hedging with different foreign exchange products
  • Hedging with different interest rate products
  • Measuring hedge effectiveness
  • Presenting a foreign exchange/interest rate risk management strategy.

Dates: Wednesday 2 September – Thursday 3 September 2015
Venue: North Terrace, Commonwealth Bank Place, 11 Harbour Street, Sydney
Accommodation: PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, 150 Day Street, Sydney
Course Size: Limited to first 18 participants to register
Cost: $1,800 per participant
Registrations close Monday 10 August 2015

Registrations close Monday 10 August 2015

'Cambiste' is a French word meaning 'open outcry, a market'. It originates from a code of conduct established many years ago to maintain high standards of professionalism, integrity and ethical conduct in the financial markets.

The agenda

1 September

Welcome Drinks starting at 6pm

Day one: 2 September

8.00am - Introduction/Housekeeping

8:15am - Ice Breaker

8:45am - Introduction to Risk Management

9:15am - Recap of Pre Reading

10:00am - Morning Tea

10:15am - Recap of Pre Reading

11:00am - Introduction to Case Studies & Eco (T=0)

11:45am - Lunch

12:30pm - Case Study Exercise 1 

1:45pm - Intro to Options

2:45pm - Afternoon Tea

3.00pm - Eco Update

3:15pm - Case Study Exercise 2

5:00pm - Day 1 Course Ends

5:45pm - Boat Cruise 

8:00pm - Dinner

Day two: 3 September

8.00am - Guest Speaker Panel

9.00am - Option Structures

10.00am - Eco update

10:15am - Morning Tea

10:30am - Case Study Exercise 3

11:30am - Introduction to Option Pricing

12:30pm - Lunch

1:15pm - Eco Update

1:30pm - Case Study Exercise 4

2:30pm - Treasury & Risk Management

3:30pm - Afternoon Tea

3:45pm - Eco Update

4:00pm - Case Study Exercise 5

5:00pm - Final Eco Update

5:15pm - Case Study Wrap Up

5:45pm - Close Up

6:00pm - Closing Drinks