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About us

We offer flexible, innovative and highly competitive solutions for offshore clients. We operate under an Australian Government concession and are registered and regulated in Australia and offer our clients the benefits of working with a highly rated bank.


In addition to offering lending and investment products we can also structure a solution for your business that includes the following products:

  • Guarantees
  • Letters of Credit
  • Underwriting
  • Syndication
  • Capital markets
  • Performance Bonds
  • Equity Financing
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Interest Rates
  • Commodities
  • Credit
  • Bonds
  • Trade Finance
  • Advisory
  • Repurchase agreements
  • Derivatives

Case Studies

Multinational company requiring funding across a wide variety of jurisdictions

An Australian household name approached us with a complex funding requirement. They had 9 lenders, 6 currencies and twenty borrowers across multiple jurisdictions throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Each jurisdiction triggered different regulatory, currency and tax issues. We were able to provide both the borrower and the syndicate of lenders with a solution for each of their issues through our integrated knowledge and experience across international jurisdictions.

International depositor with surplus funds to invest

As the Offshore Banking Unit is exempt from interest withholding tax we were able to help an offshore depositor boost their investment returns. The investor had a deposit of $100 million which they invested for 1 year at 4%. As the investor did not have to pay the 10% tax they would normally have to pay on deposits placed in Australia, they saved $400,000 as well as the benefits and security of our credit rating.

Global Economic & Markets Research

Our Global Economic & Markets Research (GEMR) team provides clients with regular, real-time research and insights enriched by CommBank internally generated data, showing changes in the economy across income, savings, expenditure and lending.

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Why have the OBU?

The Government provides us with an income tax concession, and our clients with a withholding tax concession, in order to attract more business to Australia, that would otherwise be lost to other countries.

What are the benefits of dealing with the OBU?

For investor clients we provide an exemption from 10% withholding tax and for borrowers we can potentially offer more competitive pricing. We also guide your transaction through the myriad of offshore technicalities.

Where is the OBU?

We are regulated and domiciled in Australia. The “Offshore” part of the name reflects the location of the clients we serve.

Who is the OBU?

We have a core team of experts dedicated to serving your needs. We work with, and through, your normal CommBank Relationship Executive to ensure the best outcome for you.

If you place funds with the OBU, where do they sit?

The funds sit in Australia and with the Commonwealth Bank as the OBU is not a separate entity.

Who can deal with the OBU?

For most transactions, any person or organisation operating from offshore can deal with the OBU.