Things you should know

How does the Property Search work?

Property search is powered using information sourced from one or more third parties. We have made sure to source data from reliable sources and every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy. However, neither CommBank not our third party data suppliers is able to provide a warranty or representation regarding the information presented. You acknowledge that the listings may not necessarily represent every properties that may be for sale or sold throughout Australia.

Set up a profile for a better search experience

Accessing some features may require you to set up a profile. You can do this using your CommBank NetBank ID or email address. You will have the option of completing your personal profile. This information will be used to send you alerts, communications and other content relevant to you.

Property prices are estimates only

This website may provide you with estimates of property prices to help you work out your ability to afford a property. Estimates are based on data and statistics about property sales and market conditions and broad features of the property as set out in the relevant property listing (such as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms). Estimates are not based on any inspection of the particular property and do not take into account any specific features or conditions of the property that would be identified by an inspection. Estimates may also not take into account recent changes in the nature or condition of the property.

The estimate is only a guide of the possible market price for a property. You must undertake your own investigations and make your own assessment of the value of any property you wish to purchase and the price you are prepared to pay, including carrying out inspections and obtaining reports (such as building inspection reports or pest reports) as are appropriate for you to make this assessment.

The estimate is not a valuation. When you apply for a loan with us (or with anyone else) a valuation of the property will be conducted which might be different from the price estimate. This is because valuations assess the value of a property, which could be different from how much it sells for.

Protecting your personal information

You do not need to be a customer to use all the features on the Property Hub. For instance, using Property Search and obtained market estimates is available to anyone provided they set up a profile. We may use your contact details to provide you with more information about our property products and services. You can be assured any information will be dealt with and handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy this applies to customers as well as non-customers.