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How businesses can overcome innovation barriers

How businesses can overcome innovation barriers

Innovation adoption doesn’t have to be difficult.

Moving away from an economy shaped by a mining boom, Australian businesses are now being called on to embrace innovation amidst an ‘ideas boom’, to help drive our economy forward. This shift in thinking has been much-hyped, but, if you’re an established business, how are you supposed to adopt innovation when it already doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day to get by? 

The realities of implementing big ideas and innovation into any business can be tough, especially when going through the journey alone. These challenges are something we have been working with businesses to overcome well before the change in political agenda brought innovation to the fore. One of our core beliefs is that innovation starts by asking questions, and that through innovation, businesses can generate growth.

This is why we are focused on helping Australian businesses with their innovation journeys. Our Innovation Lab is a platform that allows us to help businesses explore ideas, work through challenges and experiment with new technologies, insights and business models.

Since the doors opened in October 2014, we’ve worked alongside thousands of Australian businesses. Whether businesses are looking to achieve faster, smarter or leaner operations, the Innovation Lab can collaborate with business to ensure they remain relevant.  We’ve constructed usability testing labs to better understand and predict consumer habits; interactive analytics to provide big answers and created a range of collaboration hubs and working ‘garages’ allowing business owners to look at their offerings with fresh eyes - a crucial element in guiding a business’ successful adoption of innovation.

More than just a cutting-edge space, the Lab facilitates a process for innovation with the power of data, insight, technology and design. But, why say what the Innovation Lab can do when you can see its potential to inspire different thinking for businesses like your own.

It’s a place where business ideas can be explored, tested and brought to life, which is why we’ve launched the Can Business Innovation Think Tank.

Held at the Lab, the Can Business Innovation Think Tank will be facilitated by experts and tap into the collective knowledge and experience of a small number of like-minded business leaders from similar-sized businesses to yours. 

This is an opportunity to work on your business, rather than in it - helping you to unlock its full potential.