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Our call centres are as Australian as our customers

Our call centres are as Australian as our customers

Not only are our call centre teams passionate about what they do, they’re also locals just like you.

Nine out of ten customers told us they like dealing with staff who live and work in the same communities as they do. That’s why all of our customer call centres have always been in Australia – so you know you’re speaking with a local.

Our call centre teams talk to around 45,000 people across Australia every day – that’s more than 15 million people each year!

Providing opportunities for Australians

As one of the country’s largest organisations, we’re proud to be able to provide jobs for so many Australians. In fact, we employ more than 2,400 staff at our call centres in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Launceston and Hobart. And over the next year we’re hoping to employ 400 more people to join one of our call centres.

Reflecting our diverse population

We live in such a diverse country, made up of people from all sorts of backgrounds and nationalities, so we make sure our call centre teams are as varied as our customers. Because we employ people of all ages, skill sets and backgrounds, you’ll always be able to talk to someone who understands you and can help with whatever you need.

While all our staff are fluent English speakers, we have customer representatives who speak more than one language. This makes it possible for us to provide the same excellent service for everyone – even if English isn’t your first language. We also offer a dedicated Indigenous Customer Assistance Line, with specialised staff who respond to 3,5000 calls a week from 150 indigenous communities.

Australians helping Australians

Our local staff are passionate about helping our customers and communities across Australia and overseas. So, wherever you are, you know you’ll always the get the support you need by phoning one of our call centres.

And our Australia-based call centres are just one of the ways we’re making banking better – you can find out about other things we’re doing by visiting our Welcome Change page.