What's an investment bond?

  • Also known as an insurance bond, it combines many of the features of a managed fund and a life insurance policy, where the investment bond provider paying 30 per cent tax on any earnings in the bond
  • You can select from investment options that invest in assets such as shares, property, fixed interest and cash
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  • Investment options

    Offers a choice of nine investment options including four multi-sector options and five single-sector options.

  • Investment option guarantees on some options

    Offered on four of AIA Australia’s nine investment options. Designed to provide certainty as to the minimum value of your holdings in an investment option.

  • Death Benefit Guarantee

    Provides certainty as to the minimum amount that will be paid on the death of the last Life Insured.1

  • Award-winning

    Winner of AFA’s Investment Bond of the Year Award, 14 years running (2008 through to 2021).2

Tax-treatment of investment bonds

    • Investment bond earnings are taxed at 30 per cent
    • Withdrawals don’t attract personal income tax if you have held the bond for at least 10 years, subject to satisfying the 125% rule (where each year’s contributions don’t exceed 125% of the previous year’s contributions)
    • No capital gains tax if you switch between investment options or transfer ownership of the investment bond
    • You don’t need to include any investment bond earnings in your annual tax return while your money remains invested3

Our partnership with AIA Australia

We’ve partnered with AIA Australia to actively improve the financial health and wellbeing of Australians. We believe in providing the right solutions for the right circumstances and to make your life better. AIA Australia delivers innovative retirement solutions, and is committed to helping you make healthier lifestyle choices every day with rewards along the way.

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For more information

To learn more about Investment Growth Bonds visit AIA Australia Investment Growth Bonds.

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Things you should know

  • This is general information about this product and is not to be taken as a recommendation to invest in the product. You should assess whether the information and product is appropriate for you and consider talking to a financial adviser before making any investment decision.

    Investment Growth Bonds are issued by AIA Australia Limited (AIA Australia) ABN 79 004 837 861 AFSL 230043 (AIA Australia) and are subject to their full terms and conditions. AIA Australia is not part of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) Group of companies. CBA and its subsidiaries do not guarantee the obligations or performance of AIA Australia or the products it offers. For further information, contact AIA Australia.

    1 To qualify for the Death Benefit Guarantee, the younger Life Insured on the policy must be less than 85 years of age at the policy commencement. While the policy remains in force, the Death Benefit Guarantee will continue to apply until the 99th birthday of the last surviving Life Insured.

    2 AFA Investment Bond of the Year Award winner from 2008 through to 2021. Benchmarked on scores for financial, market and product strength factors.

    3 Taxation considerations are general and based on present taxation laws and may be subject to change. AIA Australia is not a registered tax (financial) adviser under the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 and you should seek tax advice from a registered tax agent or a registered tax (financial) adviser if you intend to rely on information in the case study to satisfy the liabilities or obligations or claim entitlements that arise, or could arise, under a taxation law.