Latest email, recorded messages and SMS scams

There are a number of fraudulent emails currently in circulation claiming to be from the Commonwealth Bank. These emails direct recipients to a fake website that could include a request to participate in a survey, update account details, activate cards, win prizes and money, say you qualify for fee refunds or unlock frozen accounts. These sites capture all confidential banking information entered.

Although these emails may appear genuine, they are fraudulent and should be deleted immediately.

The Commonwealth Bank does not send emails requesting you to confirm, update or disclose your confidential banking information. See examples of the latest email scams.

Lookout for these common email scams:

  • Requests for private information or to collect prizes / rewards;
  • Poor grammar and punctuation;
  • Embedded hyperlink / button ‘click throughs’.

There are also a number of SMS and voicemail messages which are requesting you to call a number and then input your details via an automated service. If you receive any SMS message which you have not requested or are expecting, or a recorded message requesting a call back and you are suspicious, please contact us on 13 2221 to confirm authenticity of the message.

For further information on how to protect yourself please visit our Security & Privacy page.