NetBank Unavailable - Monday 19 October 2009

We frequently make improvements and updates to NetBank that require NetBank to be unavailable for a short period of time.

Due to these upgrades, NetBank will be unavailable between midnight and 5:00am (Sydney time) on Monday 19 October 2009.

Please take this timeframe into consideration when completing your banking.  For an update on the progress of these changes, please visit:

As a result of this upgrade, throughout October and November you’ll notice a number of changes to make NetBank even easier to use:

  • Searching your transactions will be even easier and faster.  And you’ll be able to export up to 600 transactions in one go, making it easier to keep your financial records up-to-date. That’s 10 times more than before.
  • You can set your message preferences from the Profile & preferences page.  Receive certain messages via email (or even SMS for some).
  • When you add, delete or modify accounts, BPAY billers, for example, you will no longer receive a message in your NetBank Inbox.   You will still receive confirmatory messages when it’s important, such as when your transfer limits have been increased;  a new online statement is available or when you make a payment for the first time to a new Biller or account.
  • We have added a visual Password Strength indicator to help you choose a strong password to stay safe online.   You can also improve your safety by registering for Netcode SMS in the Security tab.
  • In Contact Us, you can now see the name, photo and contact details of your Relationship Manager.
  • Business customers can now apply for a Business credit via  Offers & Apply in the Business tab.
  • Term Deposit customers will now receive maturity reminders.
  • You can now request a Commonwealth Bank American Express Card via Manage my accounts in the Manage accounts tab.

Over the next 6 weeks, we will implementing more of the NetBank changes you have asked for.  This will  make NetBank the easiest thing you will do all day.