Buying shares? Scheduling bill payments in NetBank?

Scheduling a single bill payment to be paid at a future date is simple.

If you are buying multiple share allotments from the same company, you will have one biller and different Customer Reference Numbers (CRNs).

To successfully schedule more than one bill payment to the same biller using different CRNs you must follow these steps:

  1. Set up the biller multiple times with the individual CRNs in your biller address book prior to establishing the schedules. 
  2. Now you are ready to schedule each payment to the same biller with different CRNs.
  3. Check your pending schedules to confirm you have successfully established them to the correct biller with unique CRNs.


  • Important: Failing to follow these steps results in a warning message being displayed during the setup of subsequent schedules advising you that all pending schedules will be updated with the most recent CRN.  This will mean that you may only receive one purchase of shares and the subsequent payments are returned to your account.