Worried about security? Learn how to protect yourself using the NetBank Security Guide.

Want to learn more about online security?  At the Commonwealth Bank, we are committed to helping you stay safe online, and take your security very seriously.  From our Security Centre, you will now be able to check out and download our New NetBank Security Guide.

The NetBank Security Guide provides you with some simple measures you can take to protect yourself online.

Common online dangers

Learn how to avoid computer virus and Trojans, as well as tips on identifying hoax emails, and what to do if you get one.

How we protect you

We have a dedicated round-the-clock industry leading team which monitors all online banking activity to identify any potentially suspicious activity, backed up by our NetBank Help Desk available 24 hours a day.

How you can protect yourself

Understanding some simple steps you can take to help protect you online, including our free NetCode SMS security upgrade and email security alerts.

By working together, we can better protect your identity and your money online. So when you enjoy the convenience of online banking with NetBank, you can also rest assured that by following the security tips provided, the safety of your money is 100% guaranteed.