NetBank Unavailable - Saturday 10 October 2009

We frequently make improvements and updates to NetBank that require NetBank to be unavailable for a short period of time.

Due to these upgrades, NetBank will be unavailable between midnight and 7.30am (Sydney time) on Saturday 10 October 2009.

Please take this timeframe into consideration when completing your banking. 

For an update on the progress of these changes, please visit:

As a result of this upgrade, throughout October and November you’ll notice a number of changes to make NetBank even easier to use:

  • We have made searching your transactions faster on every transaction history page.  And you can now export up to 600 transactions in one go, making it easier to keep your financial records up-to-date. That’s 10 times more than before.
  • We have added a comprehensive message preferences page that allows you to instantly change how you are notified of important transactions and which types of notifications you also want to receive via email. And if we have your mobile number, you can choose to receive SMS notification for certain message categories.
  • We have removed a range of high frequency notifications such as when adding and deleting entries in your account address book so you only receive messages when it’s important. Such as when your transfer limits have been increased or a new online statement is available.
  • A visual Password Strength indicator to help you choose a strong password to stay safe online.  And for additional security we offer a free NetCode SMS security upgrade that uses a one-time password to authenticate selected transactions.