Thank you for your feedback on NetBank

Recently we asked NetBank users what they thought we could do, to make NetBank even easier. Thank you to everyone who responded. We received over 600 suggestions.

Here are just a few of the suggestions that we are now working on:

“I want my non NetBank transactions to show up immediately, especially on weekends.”
From May 2010 we will show credit card transactions in ‘real time’ and will be moving all of our accounts to our new ‘real time’ banking system from later this year.

 “I prefer to see the date of my transaction on all records.”
We are removing the wording ‘Now’, ‘Today’ and ‘Yesterday’ from transaction listings and confirmation screens. From late January, you will be able to print receipts and view transactions with the full date showing.  Sorry, we got this wrong.

 “Seeing everything I’ve spent on my credit card, including today, would make things easier.”
We are working on a solution that will let you view all of your outstanding credit card transactions. From May 2010, this will let you see all transactions immediately after every purchase.

 “I want to upload a picture into NetBank of what I am saving for.”
We are looking into how we can tailor your NetBank home page to make it feel even more like your own.Until then, did you know you can nick name your accounts under the ‘Profile & Preferences > Organise Accounts’ tab?

The feedback survey was hard to use.”
We know the process was not perfect. However, we wanted to make sure we got your feedback in time to hit the ground running in 2010 to make NetBank even easier to use.

Thank you again to all of our customers who took the time to let us know how we can improve NetBank. We have set up a dedicated page so you can always find out what's new and what's coming to NetBank. The Commonwealth Bank is committed to providing our customers with the very best in online banking service. 


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