NetBank has changed, thanks to you...

We are committed to providing the best online banking experience in Australia, and by listening to your feedback it’s clear that some of our recent changes aren’t as convenient as we first thought. 

 Transaction history
“I don’t like the ‘Today’ or ‘Yesterday’ descriptions being used in the date field. Please just use the actual date.”

We hear you. NetBank now displays the actual date of the transaction.

Transfer money – receipt and confirmation
“I sent an email in December complaining that when I print the ‘Confirmation’ page, that it prints "Now" next to the transaction rather than the full time and date. This is rubbish. If it wasn't for the date stamp at the bottom of the print page I would have no idea when the transaction was made.”

This was an unintentional result of changing the page to include when the payment will be received.  NetBank now displays the actual date of the transaction.

‘I want to’ pop-up menu
“When I hover over my account, a menu pops up that says ‘I want to’. This is annoying, please get rid of it.”

Done. This menu will no longer automatically pop-up. You can still access this menu by clicking on the buttons that appear next to your accounts.

We are always listening to feedback as to how we can make NetBank even easier with new features and functionality. Check out what’s new and what’s coming to NetBank.

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