Why is the NetCode always at the end of the SMS?

Customers regularly ask us why the six-digit NetCode is put at the end of the SMS. Surely it would be easier at the start then most people wouldn’t even have to open the message since they can see it in the message preview?

When it comes to your money you can’t be too careful. By reading the SMS you are double-checking the destination account and amount is correct.

What else can I do to NetBank safely?

Similar to the PIN for your ATM cards a NetCode is something only you should know. Treat your NetCode like you would your PIN by not giving it to anyone over the phone or entering it into a website other than NetBank.

Check out the NetBank Security Checklist to see what else you can do to protect yourself online.

And to stay in the know the Australian Government’s Stay Smart Online initiative provides a free security Alert Service. Learn more.