Organising your travel funds has never been easier

NetBank now saves you time with the convenience of a new central location for all your overseas travel funds and international payment needs.

Our new ‘International’ page means you can organise your travel funds online or send money overseas without leaving your home or office. Within minutes you can purchase a Travel Money Card, loaded with up to 13 currencies, pre-order foreign cash to collect at a Commonwealth Bank branch nominated by you or transfer money overseas with an International Money Transfer (IMT).

A Travel Money Card is a smart choice when travelling. It gives you a safe, convenient and simple way to access your money overseas or within Australia. Simply load your card with up to thirteen currencies and then use it to make ATM withdrawals and purchases – at more than 36 million locations worldwide.

Avoid money hassles overseas by always having more than one way to access your money when you travel. It’s a good idea to carry some foreign cash as well as a Travel Money Card. Foreign cash is a great way to pay for items like a taxi fare, a cup of coffee or a bite to eat as soon as you arrive in a new country. The Commonwealth Bank offers over 30 currencies for you to buy so that you can start enjoying your holiday from the minute you arrive.

Simply go to the ‘Offers and Apply’ tab and select ‘International’ to start taking advantage of all these services now.