PO Box addresses no longer valid for International Money Transfers

The government has recently made changes to the anti-money laundering legislation. As a result, we are now required to record details of your home address before we can process any further International Money Transfers in NetBank.

If you currently have a Post Office box as your residential address for your accounts with the Commonwealth Bank, from 16 August 2008 you will see the following message when you go to perform an International Money Transfer:

As a result of government legislation, we are required to collect your home address before you can complete your NetBank IMT. You currently do not have a home address recorded with the Bank, and this needs to be updated. You can update your address details via ‘my info’ in NetBank.

What you need to do

Updating your address details is simple. Just login to NetBank and then choose ‘My info’. You can change your address details — once you have done this, you will be able to create an International Money Transfer as normal.