Dispelling Virtual Keyboard Myths

At the Commonwealth Bank, we take your security very seriously.  We’re always investigating the latest technology to protect your banking information.

NetCode SMS and NetCode Token are sophisticated and easy-to-use authentication systems. Each offers you the added security of single-use passwords, delivered either by a dedicated token or by SMS. NetCode passwords are only valid for a short time and expire soon after it has been issued, and cannot be used again in another NetBank session therefore making them useless to a potential fraudster.

Some customers have suggested we provide a virtual keypad to allow you to enter your password using a mouse, rather than a keyboard.  Virtual keypads may appear to prevent fraudsters from capturing your password using spyware that records keystrokes.

Unfortunately, computer viruses are more sophisticated than before. Some computer viruses now monitor mouse clicks, cursor positions and the images displayed on screen, as well as keystrokes. Entering a password by clicking buttons on screen is just as vulnerable as entering a password by typing on a keyboard.

The best way to protect your security is to ensure you have up-to-date anti-virus software, avoid accessing your banking on public or shared computers, and use NetCode SMS or a NetCode Token.

For more online security tips, please visit our NetBank Security Centre.