Friday 4th December

Changes to interest rates on Deposits and Variable Home Loans

We have announced changes to interest rates on a range of deposit and variable rate home loan accounts, reflecting recent increases in market interest rates and wholesale funding costs. Click here to read the full press release.

The new interest rates will automatically be applied to your account on Wednesday 9
December 2009.

Home Loans


Old Rate % pa

New Rate % pa


Complete Home Loan Variable Rate




Economiser (Base Variable Rate)




Viridian Line of Credit (Residential Equity Rate)





Savings accounts

The deposit interest rate on NetBank Saver and Cash Investment accounts will increase by 0.50 per cent per annum. Term deposit rates have also been steadily increasing over recent times, with the 36 month term reaching 7 per cent per annum and shorter terms increasing to
6 per cent per annum, more than 2 per cent above the official cash rate. Click here to view
the current interest rates on savings accounts.


Got questions?

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