BlackRock Long-Short Active Capital Fund

The BlackRock Long-Short Active Capital Fund is an innovative fund for investors seeking a tax-effective return from Australian shares.

The BlackRock Long-Short Active Capital Fund (the Fund) will invest in companies that are within the S&P/ASX300 Accumulation Index and will be actively managed using a ‘tax-aware’ approach that factors in franking credits and CGT impacts into its investment decisions.

Exclusive opportunity

This innovative fund will only be open to clients of Commonwealth Private Bank.

Tax-aware investing
  • BlackRock’s Australian Equities Team has pioneered ‘tax aware’ investing in Australia. In simple terms, ‘tax aware’ investing means making decisions with an awareness of franking credits and consideration of the Fund’s capital gains position.
  • To boost investors’ potential after-tax returns, the team will invest in attractive long-term growth stocks and minimise the capital gains liabilities by having a low stock turnover.
  About BlackRock
  • BlackRock is a premier provider of global investment management, risk management and advisory services. Its local arm, BlackRock Investment Management (Australia) Limited manages around $20 billion of equity, fixed income and property assets and is a pioneer in the Australian market for incorporating after-tax considerations into the investment process for publicly available investment trusts.


Broad investment universe
A broad investment universe offers the fund manager hidden opportunities


‘What you keep vs. what you make’
As an investor, it’s not just what you make that’s important, it’s what you keep.


Innovative ‘tax-aware’ approach
Investors on high marginal tax rates often have a preference for discounted capital gains over current income.


A long-short strategy
The Fund will seek to generate returns using a long-short strategy


Combining qualitative and quantitative approaches
Utilising both qualitative and quantitative investment approaches delivers real synergies


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