“ Being part of a well respected company [Commonwealth Bank] has given me the opportunity to develop and grow my own business, the branding and support has assisted me in personal growth as well as professional development and standing in the local community. I believe that my clients have benefited from a wide range of investment opportunities and a holistic approach to financial planning. Commonwealth Financial Planning is well supported and is recognised  as one of Australia’s leading dealer groups.”
- Trish Jackson, Commonwealth Financial Planner


“ I always wanted to run my own financial planning business but was weary to take the risk. Pathways has allowed me to make such a move under the banner of a well recognised brand, therefore maximising my opportunities to grow what is turning out to be a very profitable business.” 
- Alex Leclerc, Commonwealth Financial Planner


"Representing a large, well recognised brand in this market has benefited my business as I believe clients are increasingly looking for stability and protection … The new client base has also brought in additional revenue allowing me to reinvest in my business, create growth opportunities and provide a broader and more complete range of services to my clients."
- David Nimmo, Commonwealth Financial Planner