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Credit Card Repayment Calculator

Most of our credit card customers look to pay their balances off in full each month, taking advantage of our up to 55 days interest free period and keeping their money working for them.

Some of our customers do pay interest and want to ensure they are in control of what they spend and repay.

Use our Balance Repayment calculator to

  • determine how quickly you can afford to repay your balance
  • work out how much you will need to repay to pay off your balance in a certain time

More information

This tool is designed as a guide only and the result assumes:

  • The information you provide is accurate.
  • You won't make any additional purchases on your card during the planned repayment period.
  • No fees will be charged during this time.  
  • There will be no balance transfers or cash advances before or during the planned repayment period.
  • The interest rate remains the same between now and the end of the planned repayment period.
  • The calculation uses the purchase rate of the card selected.
  • One year contains exactly 365 days and each month contains the same number of days.