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Step 1 - BPAY View

Welcome to the ‘BPAY View’ demo. Simply read the prompts at the top of each screen, then scroll down and complete the tasks inside the box below.

BPAY View is a service from BPAY Pty Ltd. It enables participating bill-issuing organisations to send their bills electronically, so you can view and pay them conveniently via NetBank, rather than having them sent to you in the mail.

Add Biller

The ‘View bills' page lists your current BPAY View bills. However, before you can use BPAY View you need to add your billers to it.

A) Click the ‘Add Biller to BPAY View' button for billers not in your address book.

To activate BPAY View for a biller already in your address book, click on ‘Biller address book', then select the biller and click ‘Add biller to BPAY View'.

View bills

BPAY View logo
Link to archived bills
Link to add biller to BPAY View

To view the full bill, click on the biller name of that bill. Bill details will be shown in a new window.

No bills found.

Biller name Bill nickname Customer reference number Minimum amount due Total amount due Status

No bills found.