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Meaning of words

Any account with access to Electronic Banking.

Access Method
A method we make available to users in order for them to give us instructions which we will rely on and act on to debit or credit an EFT account. An access method involves the use of components including devices, identifiers and codes or a combination of these. It does not include a method where the comparison of the appearance of a manual signature with a written specimen is the principal means of authenticating a user's authority to give the instruction.

Account access service
A service for the purposes of which either or both of the following apply:

a. the user must provide one or more codes to a service provider to enable the service provider or another person to access accounts at an account institution on the user's behalf; or

b. the user must record or store one or more codes in a manner required by the service provider to facilitate the user, the service provider or another person acting on your behalf to access an account at an account institution using that code or codes (for example, if we [acting as a service provider] provide the user with a software wallet to store codes and the wallet is used by the user or us to access an EFT account).

Account holder
The person(s) in whose name the account is held.

Ancillary equipment
Any equipment as specified by us that users will require to utilise an account access service.

The process some merchants follow to confirm there are sufficient funds available in the account for the transaction.

An organisation which issues bills to customers, which customers can pay through the BPAY Scheme.

BPAY Payment
A payment to a BPAY Biller through the BPAY Scheme.

BPAY Scheme or BPAY
The electronic payments scheme through which a user may instruct us to make payments (BPAY Payments) on your behalf to organisations (Billers) who have advised that you can make payments to them through this scheme. We will tell you if we cease to be a member of the BPAY Scheme.

A scheme through which you can receive or access bill summaries or access bill statements electronically from participating Billers nominated by you. You may access such bill summaries through NetBank. BPAY and BPAY View are registered trademarks of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 51.

Business Day
A day that is not:

  • a Saturday or Sunday; or
  • a public holiday, special holiday or bank holiday in the place in which any relevant act is to be done or may be done.

Client Number
Means the number we give you which, together with your password, allows you to access your account through the Internet Banking service that we may offer you from time to time. Apart from you and us, no one else should know your client number. A client number is a ‘pass code’ as referred in the ePayments Code.

Information (for example, a PIN, password, answers to your Personalised Identification Questions) which:

  • is known to a user and is intended to be known only to the user, or only to the user and us;
  • we require the user to keep secret; and which
  • the user must provide (in any manner which we approve) to or through a device or electronic equipment in order to access an EFT account.

Contactless payment
A way to pay for a purchase by tapping your card or device on a PayPass, Paywave or similar terminal, with no need to use a PIN or signature.

CommBank app
Means an app for compatible iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 mobile phones and/or tablet devices that we make available to Commonwealth Bank customers registered for NetBank with NetCode SMS.

Communication Network
The communication network through which we make a service available to you from time to time.

Debit Mastercard

Includes purchases made via PayPass using a device attached to a mobile phone.

A physical device used with electronic equipment to access an EFT account.

A range of banking services that utilise electronic equipment including Telephone Banking, NetBank, the CommBank app, ATMs, Debit MasterCard, Keycards, BPAY and BPAY View, EFTPOS, Maestro/Cirrus and Visa Plus and Automated Funds Transfers (AFTs).

EFT Account
An account for your personal use (not being an account designed primarily for use by a business and established for business purposes) maintained by us, and which belongs to an identifiable account holder who is a customer of ours and which we permit a user to initiate an EFT transaction from or to, other than through QuickLine and Diammond Services online services. Transactions using QuickLine and Diammond Services are subject to separate terms and conditions.

EFT Transaction
A funds transfer either from or to an EFT account and which is initiated by the giving of an instruction through electronic equipment using an access method.

Electronic Equipment
Includes electronic terminal, computer, tablet device, television and mobile phone.

Eligible Pension or Allowance
Includes Age Pension, Disability Support Pension, Carer's Pension, Wife's Pension, Widow's Pension, Veteran's Pension, Mature Age Pension.

Inactive Account
When no customer-initiated transactions are made on the account for six complete consecutive calendar months.

MasterCard Scheme Rules
MasterCard International Incorporated's debit card rules which apply to all transactions you process with your Debit MasterCard using the 'credit' option.

Mobile Phone
A mobile telephone or other compact telecommunications device you use to perform banking transactions.

A random number that is generated whn you use a NetCode Token or NetCode.

NetCode SMS
A Bank-generated NetCode we send to your mobile phone to facilitate Two Factor Authentication or Secure Internet Shopping. A NetCode may be sent via an alert or other push notification service instead of SMS if you have installed and registered the CommBank app (on a compatible iOS or Android device) with notifications enabled, and associated with your mobile number.

NetCode Token
A device you use to generate a NetCode to facilitate Two Factor Authentication when using NetBank or your Commonwealth Bank credit card or Debit MasterCard with merchants who take part in MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa.

Belonging to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124.

Eligible Wealth Package, Wealth Package Plus, Mortgage Advantage (MAV) and Mortgage Advantage Plus (MAV Plus) customers on accounts contained in the package agreement.

A way to pay for a purchase by tapping your Debit MasterCard on a special PayPass reader. If your purchase is $100.00 or under, there is no need to sign a receipt or enter a PIN.

The PayPass-capable NFC sticker that can be ordered through the CommBank app to enable Tap & Pay functionality.

Peer-to-peer payments allow NetBank and CommBank app users to send and receive money from friends and service providers (who have an Australian bank account number) using a mobile phone number, email address or Facebook details.

A retired person or independent retiree who is at least 55 years of age, or in receipt of an eligible pension or allowance from the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services or Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Personalised Identification Questions
Pre-arranged security questions that may be asked when you wish to perform certain transactions or use certain functions in NetBank. The correct answers must be provided or the transaction cannot be made or that function used.

Personal Identification Number.

Proscribed Person
A person who appears to us either:

(a)   to be a proscribed person or entity under the Charter of the United Nations Act 1945 (Cth);

(b)   to be in breach of the laws of any jurisdiction relating to money laundering or counter-terrorism;

(c)   to appear in a list of persons with whom dealings are proscribed by the government or a regulatory authority of any jurisdiction; or

(d)   act on behalf, or for the benefit of, a person listed in subclauses (a) – (c).

Schedule (NetBank Only)
A request for a payment or transfer of funds for processing at a future date nominated by you.

Statement Period

Each period for which we draw up a statement of your account or would have drawn up a statement if:

  • you and each other user had kept to these Terms and Conditions; or
  • there had been a transaction (other than our writing off an amount you owed us) on your account since the date we last drew up a statement.

Tablet device
A personal mobile computer used to view and perform banking transactions.

Tap & Pay
Means contactless payments functionality that users of our CommBank app can set up directly on a supported device or by using a PayTag by which they can make payments by tapping their phone at a Paypass, Paywave or similar terminal.

Means an EFT transaction.

Transfer of funds that you instruct us to make to any of your linked Commonwealth Bank accounts, your Commonwealth Bank Traveller's Cash card, or other financial institution transaction accounts (excluding Home Loans, Personal Loans and credit cards).

Two Factor Authentication
When you use your NetCode with your existing NetBank Client Number and password to authenticate you as a user.

Includes you and any person authorised by you to perform EFT transactions on your EFT account.

Involves the transmission of telephone calls via the Internet. Please refer to 'Using VoIP' for more information.

We, Us and the Bank
Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124.

You and Your
The account holder. In the case of Youthsaver only also includes parent/guardian or other adult who signed the application form to open the account.

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