ATM security

There are important steps you should take to protect yourself from ATM threats such as card skimming.

Taking the steps below will help to protect your details. 


Using ATMs

  • Ensure that no one can observe you entering your PIN when using the ATM. To protect your PIN details, cover your hand when entering your PIN at an ATM.
  • Be discreet when withdrawing cash at an ATM.
  • If you believe an ATM looks suspicious or has been tampered with, do not use it and advise the nearest Commonwealth Bank branch (if the ATM is located at a branch) or call the police if it is a non-branch ATM.
  • For more information on how to distinguish if an ATM has been tampered with, you can view the ATM Card Skimming & PIN Capturing Customer Awareness Guide.


  • Always cover your hand with your other hand when entering your PIN.
  • Ask yourself if you trust the person or trader who you are handing your card over to. If a shop assistant looks like they are going to take your card out of your sight, ask if it is really necessary.
  • Keep your credit or debit card in sight during a transaction.
  • If you are in a shop and the assistant wants to swipe your card out of your sight, or in a second machine, you should ask for your card back straight away and either pay with a cheque or cash, or not make the purchase. If you think you have seen a card skimming scam, you should contact your nearest branch, Relationship Manager, or the customer service number on 13 2221.
  • If you think your card has been skimmed, contact the Commonwealth Bank immediately to report it.
  • EFTPOS receipts should be kept secure. Destroy them if not needed.

Protect your card details

  • Keep your credit card and debit cards safe. Do not share your personal identity number (PIN) with anyone. Do not keep any written copy of your PIN with the card.
  • Check your bank account and credit card statements when you get them. If you see a transaction you cannot explain, report it to the bank immediately on 13 2221.