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Will my child’s life insurance continue after they turn 18?

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Last updated 04 April 2017

Your child can choose to continue their cover in their own name using the in-built Child Cover Continuation option with no health evidence required. We’ll automatically write to you before their 18th birthday telling you how the cover can be continued. You’ll need to:

  • Call your financial adviser and ask for the Comminsure Protection Combined Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy and a quote. If you don’t have a financial adviser, a Commonwealth Financial Planner may be able to help you. To arrange a no-obligation consultation, simply call 1800 241 996.
  • Have your child complete the following sections in the Application form which is provided with the PDS:

o    Application - there’s no need to complete the Personal Statement           

o    Smoking question located under the Habits section of the Personal Statement

o    General Declaration.

  • Send the quote you’ve received from your adviser and the signed application to us within 30 calendar days before the child cover ceases. We’ll then issue a new policy in their name which provides them with death and trauma cover for the same sum insured that they were covered for under your policy.

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