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How do I set up AutoPay to make credit card repayments in NetBank?

Last updated 15 January 2016

Once you've registered for NetBank (register now), you can set up an automated monthly repayment (AutoPay). This is an automatic direct debit from your CommBank transaction account (excludes accounts that have a Passbook) that gives you the option to pay:

  • The full closing balance each month (as per your statement)
  • The minimum amount due each month (as per your statement)
  • A set amount each month

            o  If the set amount is less than the 'Minimum payment due' shown on your statement, the amount of the ‘Minimum payment due’ will be paid.

            o  If the set amount is more than the 'Closing balance' shown on your statement, the amount of the 'Closing balance' will be paid.

When you have access to NetBank, you can access AutoPay in NetBank directly or follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Log on to NetBank

2. In NetBank, type AutoPay in the search box at the top

3. Click Managing your AutoPay

4. For How much would you like to pay? choose one of these options:

a. Closing balance each month
b. Minimum payment due each month
c. Set amount each month.

5. Under Pay from choose CBA account and then select your transaction account

6. Click Submit.

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