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Do I get a loyalty bonus or rewards for keeping my life or income protection policy with you?

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Last updated 22 March 2017

Yes, your policy has built in extras that reward your loyalty. After you’ve held Life Care, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover, Trauma Cover or Child Cover for five years, we’ll automatically increase any payment of a Life Care, TPD Cover, Trauma Cover or Child Cover benefit by 5%, at no extra cost.

If you have Income Protection, we will give you a Reward Cover benefit of $50,000 Accidental Death Cover after you’ve held the policy for three years, and increase this by $10,000 each year until the Accidental Death Cover reaches $100,000 in total, at no extra cost. (Income Protection includes Income Care, Income Care Plus, Income Care Super and Essential Cover)

For Total Care Plan Super policies, if you pay your premium using our Super Payment Method, you’re eligible for a rollover rebate which reduces your premium by 15%.

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