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Can I deposit funds to my Mortgage Interest Saver Account (MISA)?

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Last updated 14 March 2014

Yes, you can transfer funds to your Mortgage Interest Saver Account (MISA) in NetBank using 'Transfer money'.

If you have a joint Home Loan, before transferring funds to your MISA we recommend that you confirm the method of operation on the account is set to meet your needs. In 'View accounts' select 'Account information' for your Home Loan account - look for 'Method of operation' which appears for both the Home Loan account and MISA.

There are two options:

  • either to operate (this is the default option when the account is first activated)
  • more than one signature required

For you to be able to transfer funds out of your MISA using NetBank, the method of operation on the account must be 'either to operate'.

To change the method of operation on your account, please visit any branch to complete the required authority.

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