Can I get NetBank messages via email or SMS?

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Last updated 13 February 2015

You can choose which bank messages to receive by email, opt in for product information messages and set up notifications and alerts on your accounts. To view and amend your notification options, visit the Message preferences page located in the More tab.

Changing your message preferences - Bank & product messages

In addition to receiving bank messages in NetBank, you can also choose to receive these by email, so you can be kept up to date when you are not logged in to NetBank. Simply tick the box next to the relevant categories and then click Save changes. Messages have been divided into categories, so you can choose to receive the ones you’re most interested in by email.

To stop receiving bank messages by email, simply untick the boxes for the categories you don’t want and then click Save changes. You will continue to receive notifications to your NetBank inbox only.

Balance alerts & Payment reminders - Account alerts

Select the Account alerts tab to view your balance alert and payment reminder options.

Select SMS and/or email notifications and alerts by ticking the relevant boxes, then click Save changes. Untick the boxes to pause or stop receiving notifications and alerts. Unless you select otherwise, messages will be sent between 8AM - 8PM Sydney time (except WA where messages are sent local WA time).

You can select:

  • Three (3) account balance notifications (transaction, savings or credit card) and
  • One (1) credit card payment reminder.

For a credit card payment reminder you will receive monthly reminder sent 5 days before your credit card repayment due date.

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