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What do I need to know about BPAY and transfers in NetBank?

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Last updated 14 June 2016

You can make one-off or recurring fund transfers to accounts at other Australian financial institutions, pay and schedule bill payments, including telephone, gas and electricity companies using BPAY to thousands of organisations, or automatically receive your bills online.

Transfer Money Or Pay A Bill

Transfer Type Description What Information Do I Need?
Linked  Account Accounts you can see on your NetBank home page None, the accounts will be visible in a drop down menu on the Transfer Page
Unlinked Account Australian bank accounts that are not visible in your NetBank such as a friends account with CBA First time transfers will require: 

 • Account Name 
 • BSB
 • Account Number

These details will be added to your Account Address Book to make future transfers easier
BPAY Biller Companies registered with the BPAY scheme for easy bill payments  • BPAY Biller Code
 • Customer  Reference Number

Transfer Limits & Fees

Destination Default Daily Withdrawal Limit Maximum Daily Withdrawal Limit Fees When Will Funds Arrive In The Destination Account
Linked Account Unlimited
(up to your available balance)
(up to your available balance)
Free Instantly
Unlinked Account A$2,000 A$100,000 Free Up To 3 Business Days
BPAY Biller A$20,0000 Unlimited
(up to your available balance)
Free Next business day

You can check your current limits on the Payment Limits page, accessed from the 'Security' tab in NetBank. The page also allows you to instantly increase each of your daily withdrawal limits up to:

  • $20k for unlinked accounts

  • $100k for BPAY

  • $2k for International Money Transfers (IMT)

If your require a higher limit than those available online please contact the NetBank Help Desk on 13 2221 Option 4 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or visit your nearest branch.


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