I’m over 65 and my statement says that my super will be transferred to the ATO if I don’t contact you.

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Last updated 11 April 2014

Under current legislation, when a member is 65 or older, we need to have contact with that member at least once in every 5 years or we are required to transfer the account to the ATO. We include this information in our statements to make you aware of this requirement.

Please call using the relevant number below between 8.30am and 6pm (Sydney time), Monday to Friday so that we have a record that you have contacted us and identify your account not to be automatically transferred to the ATO.

  • Commonwealth superannuation or investment policies 13 2015
  • Superannuation Savings Account 13 2015
  • Legal & General 1800 624 100
  • Endowment or Whole of Life policies 1800 622 333
  • Supertrace 1300 788 750

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