What identification do I need to change my PIN in a branch?

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Last updated 15 April 2014

The identification requirements to change a PIN are as follows;

For NetBank you will only need your NetBank Logon, password and a registered mobile phone or token.

For a Commonwealth Bank Branch you will need to bring your card along with an additional form of identification. The following documents are suggested:

  • Passport or Birth Certificate or Citizenship Certificate
  • Driver's licence or permit containing photo or signature
  • Acceptable ID card containing photo and/or signature
  • 1 Utility bill (e.g. telephone, water, electricity, gas)
  • Another card with a signature
  • Medicare card
  • Social Security, health care or Pension card; tertiary education institution ID card; government authority or public service employee ID card.

The quickest and easiest way to change your PIN is through NetBank. Simply log on to NetBank, select the 'More' tab then 'Manage my accounts' and follow the links. You can choose the PIN of your choice immediately.

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